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City Clerk's Office

  1. Application for Special Temporary Permit for Outdoor Service by Bars and Restaurants (COVID-19 Pandemic)

    This application is for a Special Temporary Permit for the Outdoor Service by Bars and Restaurants during Phased Re-Opening Periods... More…

  1. City of East Peoria Public Record Request

Police Department

  1. East Peoria Police Department - Request for Inspection or Copying of Public Records

    F.O.I.A. Officers: Sgt. David C. Catton Deputy Chief David Horn Sgt. Ryan Billingsley Sgt. Ryan Crawford ... More…

  1. Submit a Tip

Public Works

  1. Cross-Connection Control Survey

    The Cross-Connection Control Survey must be completed and sent to the City of East Peoria's Water Department by all water services... More…