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Public Works

  1. Cross-Connection Control Survey

    The Cross-Connection Control Survey must be completed and sent to the City of East Peoria's Water Department by all water services... More…


  1. Code Enforcement Emergency Issue

    Emergency issues that involve the life and safety of the community.

  2. Jill's Test Form

    This is a form testing the forms module.

  3. Public Works Complaint Page

    This page is for departmental complaints. This is NOT for new work orders.

  1. Employee Pizza Party Order Form

    Use this form to submit your requests for the Employee Pizza Party on November 31.

  2. Morgan's Test Form

    Use this form to submit information for Morgan's Test Form for training purposes only.

  3. Pumpkin Sighting Form

    Use this form if you have experienced a recent sighting of a zombie pumpkin or other scary things in our city.