Annual Street Maintenance Program

The annual street maintenance program consists of spray patching, heat scarification of the roadway, sealcoating, and overlaying of the residential streets.

Approximate Work Schedule:

          Spray Patching (May to June)

          Heat Scarification (June to July)

          Sealcoating (July to August)

          GSB-88 (August to September)

The following is the list for 2019 Street Maintenance:

          Kennedy Ct. (Vicic Ave to End)

          Roosevelt Circle (Vicic Ave to Vicic Ave)

          Vicic Ave (Cole St to Roosevelt)

          Gordon St. (Fandell St. to 22nd St.)

          22nd St. (Illinois St. to Gordon St.)

          Fandell Rd. (Illinois St. to End)

          Webster Ln. (22nd to End)

          Cole St. (474 Bridge Overpass)

          Canterbury Ct. (Ridge Rd. to End)

          Heather Ct. (Ridge Rd. to End)

          N. Inglewood Dr. (Ridge Rd. to Valleyview Ct.)

          Valleyview Ct. (End to End)

          Ridge Rd (City Limits to Eastside)

          Inglewood Dr. (Oakwood Rd to Ridge Rd.)

          Oakwood Ave. (Eden St. to End)

          Hemlock Ave. (Twin Oaks Ct. to End)

          N. Hawthorne St. (Twin Oaks Ct. to Meadow Ave.)

          Twin Oaks Ct. (Meadow Ave. to N. Hawthorne St.)

          Farmdale Rd. (Route 8 to City Limits)

          Simon Dr. (Shoshone Dr. to End)

The following areas will be overlaid this year:

          Arnold Rd. Hill (Fondulac Place to Bennett Rd.)

          W. Washington St. (N.Main St. to RR Crossing)