Water Main Flushing & Hydrant Testing

Flushing & Testing Dates

Annual main flushing and fire hydrant testing is conducted by City of East Peoria crews every fall. The 2022 flushing is underway and should be complete by October 31, 2022. The flushing lasts approximately a month and occurs between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

There is no set schedule as to when flushing will occur in neighborhoods, since crews could be redirected to other duties. Residents should watch for City crews in their neighborhoods to know when the inspections are occurring. Please drive carefully and treat them like any other road construction crew.

Business hydrants will also be flushed by the East Peoria Fire Department, with a signed waiver from the business. This will occur once all public hydrants have been flushed.

What to Do During This Process

Residents should be aware of any discoloration or sediment in their water. Although the process could result in rusty-colored water, the water is safe to drink and the color usually clears up in several hours.

If you see a crew flushing a hydrant, avoid running tap water and using the washing machine or dishwasher until the flushing is done. Caution should be used when doing light-colored laundry. 

For more information, call the East Peoria Department of Public Works at 309-698-4716.