East Peoria Water Quality Report

Every year, the East Peoria Water Department is required by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to mail a Water Quality Report to all of its water customers in East Peoria and Valley View Knolls 4 and 6.

What’s in the Water Quality Report

This report tells several things. It tells about our source water, which in our case is well water and the potential contaminates that well water could have, and the measures taken to protect it.

The report also discusses our distributed water, and any trace contaminants found in it. It is very important to understand that an essential element such a fluoride, which is required in drinking our water, is listed with these contaminants. East Peoria does not exceed any maximum contaminant level. We have not had a violation in the past year. We strive to provide the highest quality water for the lowest possible cost.

The Water Quality Report is published in the spring of each year for the prior year's report as part of a requirement by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.  

If you should have any questions or comments, contact the City of East Peoria Department of Public Works at 309-698-4716.

2021 Annual Consumer Confidence Report on Water Quality

This year, as in years past, East Peoria’s tap water has met all USEPA Federal and State drinking water standards.

Read the 2021 Water Quality Report (PDF)

Past Water Quality Reports

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