Wastewater Department

Department Services

  • New service and repair inspections
  • New service permits
  • Sanitary sewer main maintenance and rehabilitation
  • Sanitary sewer treatment
Walkway at Wastewater Treatment Plant


The Wastewater Department is currently manned by nine employees. Eight are currently licensed IEPA operators. These also include two Vactor operators that maintain the sewer collection lines coming to both treatment plants. During normal operations, nine employees are charged with the operation and maintenance of two secondary-type treatment plants (which treat approximately 5 million gallons per day of sewage), 17 lift stations and approximately 250 miles of collection systems.

The Wastewater Department is responsible for the collection and treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater within the City of East Peoria.


The collection system consists of approximately 250 miles of trunk and feeder lines. The size of the various lines range from 30 inches on major trunks down to 8 inches on residential feeder lines. The topography of East Peoria requires some areas to be served by pump stations. Currently 17 sewage pump or lift stations are operated in the City.


Wastewater collected by the sewer systems flows to one of two treatment plants. Both treatment plans are permitted and regulated by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. After treatment, the final effluent from each facility is discharged to the Illinois River.


The Wastewater Department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of two storm water ponds and pump stations, which are located on East Sheen Avenue and Veterans Drive. Excess storm water is collected and transferred to a holding pond where it is pumped to Farm Creek.