Mandatory Garbage Toters

Residents whose garbage is picked up by the city must purchase a 48 to 96-gallon toter-type refuse container. The toter hooks onto the garbage truck when the trash is collected.

Residents who already have a toter are unaffected by this change.

General Information

  • Approved receptacles must be a 48 to 96-gallon toter. The toter may be purchased from the City of East Peoria at City Hall at 401 W. Washington Street, leased from Waste Management or purchased at a local merchant as long as it meets City specifications.
  • A limit of three toters may be set out for garbage pickup.
  • If a resident purchases a toter from the city it is a one-time payment. In the unlikely event that the truck damages the can, we will repair it.
  • The toter price is (subject to change) $65 for the 48-gallon size. Delivery by the City Public Works Department is free of charge.

Paying for Toters

You can purchase your garbage toter online or in person, or you may lease one from Waste Management or purchase one from a local merchant.

Prohibited Receptacles

Some types of garbage receptacles are prohibited by the City of East Peoria.

Specifications if Purchasing from Local Merchant (PDF)

Read the necessary specifications to consider when purchasing a garbage toter from a local merchant.