Mandatory Garbage Toters

Residents whose garbage is picked up by the city must purchase a 48 to 96-gallon toter-type refuse container. The toter hooks onto the garbage truck when the trash is collected.

Residents who already have a toter are unaffected by this change.

General Information

  • Approved receptacles must be a 48 to 96-gallon toter. The toter may be purchased from the City of East Peoria at City Hall at 401 W. Washington Street, leased from Waste Management or purchased at a local merchant as long as it meets City specifications.
  • A limit of three toters may be set out for garbage pickup.
  • If a resident purchases a toter from the city it is a one-time payment. In the unlikely event that the truck damages the can, we will repair it.
  • The toter price is $75 for the 96-gallon size (subject to change) and $65 for the 48-gallon size. Delivery by the City Public Works Department is free of charge.