Open Burning & Burn Permits

Open burning of dry leaves, brush and landscape waste is allowed in East Peoria only during designated periods, once each in the spring and fall. Other brush burning times may be announced when warranted, such as after a severe storm.

Open Burning Periods

  • Spring open burning: April 1 through 30 (except for Saturday and Sunday of Easter weekend)
  • Fall open burning: October 15 through November 30 (except for the Thanksgiving holiday period:  Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving through the Sunday after the holiday)

Open Burning Rules

  • Only dry leaves, brush and landscape waste may be burned. Burning of any other items is prohibited.
  • Burning may occur only during daylight hours on non-windy days.
  • Per the fire chief, a burning ban will be in effect when there are sustained winds or gusts of 10 miles per hour or more. Residents are encouraged to listen to the weather forecast for predicted wind speeds.
  • The material being burned must be in small piles.
  • The burn must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.
  • The fire must be completely extinguished when finished.
  • A water source must be nearby.
  • Do not burn in the street.

Residents are asked to check with their neighbors prior to burning brush in case they have health problems which might be affected by smoke, so that an appropriate time to burn can be arranged.

For complete rules read the Open Burning Ordinance (PDF).

For more information, call 309-427-7670, option 2, to speak to the assistant fire chief on duty.

Burn Permits

Burning of brush at any time other than open burning season requires a burn permit. These are issued to contractors for construction purposes. Burn permit applications must be approved by a member of the Fire Department command staff at:

Central Fire Station
201 W Washington Street
East Peoria, IL 61611

Cost is $25 per permit.