Fire Pit Guidelines

Outdoor recreational fire pits are allowed under the City of East Peoria's open burning policy.

Residents should follow these guidelines when using a fire pit:

  • A fire pit cannot be used on any type of combustible decking.
  • No fire can be burned in a pit if it is located inside or within 25 feet of any combustible structure or surface.
  • Only firewood or charcoal briquettes can be burned in the pit.
  • Only commercially produced charcoal lighter fluid can be used to start a fire in the pit. No other flammable liquid can be used.
  • A fire in a pit must be attended at all times.
  • The fire must be extinguished before the pit is left unattended.
  • An extinguishing agent, such as a water hose, fire extinguisher or bucket of sand, must be available in case of emergency.

Violations of the guidelines can result in a fine ranging between $50 and $750.