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Information Posted in Compliance with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Summary of Purpose

The City of East Peoria promotes and protects the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens and all of the general public while encouraging social progress, economic development, and recreational opportunities within the City.

Total Operating Budget

$79,893,321.00 (May 1, 2022 – April 30, 2023 Fiscal Year)

Location of Offices

  • City Hall
    401 W Washington Street
    East Peoria, Illinois 61611
    • Mayor’s Office, City Clerk’s Office, Treasurer’s Office, Administrative Offices, Water Department Billing, Planning and Zoning Department, Buildings and Inspections (Code Enforcement and Commercial and Residential Inspections), Information Technology Department, Human Resources Department, and Housing Authority
  • Council Chambers in the Civic Complex
    401 W Washington Street
    East Peoria, Illinois 61611
  • Eastport Marina
    701 Mariners Way
    East Peoria, Illinois 61611
  • EastSide Centre
    One EastSide Drive
    East Peoria, Illinois 61611
    • EastSide Centre, Department of Tourism and Special Events, and Festival of Lights
  • Festival Building
    2200 E Washington Street
    East Peoria, Illinois 61611
  • Public Safety Building
    201 W Washington Street
    East Peoria, Illinois 61611
    • Fire Department, Police Department
  • Public Works Department
    2232 E Washington Street
    East Peoria, Illinois 61611
    • Street, Vehicle Maintenance, Water, Solid Waste, Waste Water
  • Facilities Maintenance
    101 Commercial Drive
    East Peoria, Illinois 61611

Approximate Number of Employees

  • Full-Time Employees: 173
  • Part-Time Employees: 68

City Council

  • Mayor John P. Kahl
  • Commissioner Daniel S. Decker
  • Commissioner Mark E. Hill
  • Commissioner Seth D. Mingus
  • Commissioner Michael L. Sutherland

Boards, Commissions & Committees

Boards and Commissions Listing (PDF)

Organizational Chart

City of East Peoria Organizational Chart (PDF)

City of East Peoria FOIA Request Information

Method for Requesting Public Information and Records

General requests should be made in writing and submitted to the City Clerk’s office in City Hall (401 West Washington Street, East Peoria). Certain records may also be requested from the specific department which maintains the requested records, such as the Police Department. Depending on the type of information and records being requested, your request may need to be reviewed by City officials or may not be immediately provided.  

For your convenience, an online Public Record Request form has been provided for your use (see above).  However, you are not required to use this online form and can submit your written request in another manner by hand-delivery,  mail, fax, or email, and the City will review your request in the same manner as any request received by use of the online form.

Requests in formats other than the Public Record Request form should be mailed to or submitted in person to: FOIA Officer - Morgan R. Cadwalader, City of East Peoria, 401 W. Washington Street, East Peoria, Illinois, 61611; Or Faxed to: 309- 698-4747; Or Emailed to:

FOIA Officers for the City of East Peoria

  • Primary Contact
    • City Clerk / City Hall
      Morgan Cadwalader
      Phone: 309-698-4715
  • Secondary Contacts
    • Lisa Pickerill
      Phone: 309-698-4715
    • Teresa Durm
      Phone: 309-698-4715
  • Police Department Contacts
    • David Catton
      Phone: 309-698-4700
    • Mallory Burmeister
      Phone: 309-698-4700

Fee For Obtaining Copies of Records

The first 50 regular copies are provided to the requester at no cost. For any number of copies exceeding 50 pages, a copying fee of 15 cents per page will be charged for any document requests. Other types of records, and the related fee, may be available upon request. If a fee will be required, the fee must be paid prior to receiving the requested documents or information.

Request for Inspection or Copying of Public Records

The City of East Peoria will respond to the request within 5 working days starting one day after the request date unless one or more of the 7 reasons for an extension of time provided for in Section 3(e) of the Act are invoked by the City.