Find Folepi Ornament Hunt

Drawing of toy soldier and words Folepi Has Been Found

Congratulations to Laura and Michael Ulrich and their kids Caden and Ava for finding Folepi! The Ulrichs, of East Peoria, found the ornament under a rock near the Franklin Street Bridge Monument (near the former Granite City restaurant). Laura, Caden and Ava found Thursday, December 3 and notified Festival of Lights officials at 7:54 a.m. 
How did they dechipher the clues? Laura said the clues kept referencing transportation and a path. She got on the East Peoria Historical Society's website ( and found information about the Franklin Street Bridge disaster, when the bridge collapsed in 1909.  The bridge was rebuilt, and Laura said the clues referenced reconstruction.
She said Michael recalled that there is a monument made with the gears from the bridge. The monument is beside a walking path. So Laura, Caden and Ava went to the monument this morning and found the Folepi ornament under a rock.
The family has participated in the ornament hunt every year since 2015.
In addition to keeping the ornament, the Ulrichs will receive hand-made basket, created by Gladys Carter, containing gift certificates from the Find Folepi sponsors: Twistee Treat, EastSide Centre, ROC Ice Cream and Golf, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Moe's Southwest Grill of Central Illinois, Hampton Inn by Hilton, Service Master of Central Illinois, Carl's Bakery and Restaurant, Quail Meadows Golf Course, Dixon Fisheries, Guilty Pleasures Cupcake Bakery, Elevate Trampoline Park and Stoney Creek Inn. They will also receive a free pass to Folepi's Winter Wonderland.
They will receive their prizes during a live weather broadcast Tuesday, Dec. 8 on 25 News Live at 5 newscast.

Clue #2

In years gone by, their journey could be made
By horse and wagon, boats or by train.
But now you can get there by much faster means
They fly in the sky and they go by the name, plane.

 But some things have stood the test of time,
They have been rebuilt, remodeled or restored.
This is due to many kinds of weaknesses
That just could not be ignored.

 There’s history to be made in everything you do
You learn about it by the ancestors’ stories they tell,
The books you read at home or at school,
They will teach you about your surroundings where you dwell.

 If only you would listen
There’s a story to be told.
Our town has a lot of history
Even though it’s quite old.
Things from the past are still with us now
You merely need to look around but make sure you stay in your town.

Clue #1

Now that the holidays are upon us
It is time to get out there and look.
The clues for the ornament will be posted
But you won't find them in a book.

If your family travels here for Thanksgiving
Be sure to check the weather,
Traveling by train or plane might be tricky,
and we want you to celebrate all together.

A car might work better, the plows will be out,
A freakish snowstorm might appear but the roads will be clear.
But in case of a whiteout,
Watch our for the reindeer.

Things of the past change with the times
The planes, trains and automobiles have come a long way.
From the first passenger train in 1825, the first motorcar in 1885 to the first passenger flight in 1914,
It makes it much easier to travel today.

Ornament Hunt Starting Date

The first clue in the ninth annual Find Folepi Ornament Hunt will be released Wednesday, November 25.

DeChristmas ornament with Festival of Lights logo on ittails

Area residents have a chance to win a package of prizes from local businesses if they can Find Folepi. A 3-inch, round, clear, acrylic Folepi ornament is inside a clear plastic bag and hidden outside somewhere on public property within the East Peoria city limits. The hiding place is outside and in a non-dangerous location. Clues will be issued weekly until the Folepi ornament is found.


Clues will be posted on Wednesdays on this page as well as on the Festival of Lights Facebook page, on Instagram and in the Times-News Reporter newspaper.


The ornament hunt is open to residents throughout Central Illinois. Those participating in the hunt must be respectful of property and park in safe locations that do not block traffic.

Prize Sponsors

  • Twistee Treat
  • EastSide Centre
  • ROC Ice Cream and Golf
  • Potbelly Sandwich Shop
  • Moe's Southwest Grill of Central Illinois
  • Hampton Inn by Hilton
  • Service Master of Central Illinois
  • Carl's Bakery and Restaurant
  • Quail Meadows Golf Course
  • Dixon Fisheries
  • Guilty Pleasures Cupcake Bakery
  • Elevate Trampoline Park
  • Stoney Creek Inn
  • East Peoria Festival of Lights, donating a free Winter Wonderland admission
  • Prize basket created by Gladys Carter